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Emiliano Pompei, Doctor of Forestry and owner of Agrotecna professional office ( and Ge.A. professional association (, has contributed to the development of truffle growing in the Ascoli area by planning over 80 hectares of truffle ground, using PSR Regione Marche regional funds, and publishing on-site research and studies.

Moreover, thanks to his technical agronomy expertise, he co-operated with Camerino University in a project for the development and promotion of the Premier Black Truffle from the Camerino area (Macerata province, Marche region), with feasibility studies and the setting up of trial truffle-ground locations.

The publication of his research intends to contribute to the promotion of the Premier Black Truffle from the Roccafluvione and Venarotta (Ascoli Piceno province) areas (T.melanosporum Vitt.), by giving further technical and scientific information on the production potential of this truffle variety.