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Fresh truffles can be found in Ascoli Piceno all the year round:

White truffles (T. Magnatum Pico) from September to January;

Premier black truffles (T. Melanosporum ) from November to March;

Summer black truffles (T. Aestivum e T.Uncinatum) from May to December;

The truffles we grow and produce are the Premier truffle, but we can also find other varieties as they are present on the territory.

The price of truffles undergo daily variations and depends on size, selling period, proximity to festivities. Therefore we cannot provide a fixed price list for truffles. Prices will be quoted according to your requirements and based on product availability on the market.

For quotations, please phone +39 347 7917918(Emiliano Pompei)

The products will be delivered by courier to any European country within 24 hours.

For further information on prices and product availability, please phone +39 347 7917918 (Emiliano Pompei) or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it